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Aero Illustrations is the business name for Juanita Franzi, our valued partner for our aviation art prints and aircraft drawings in our books. Juanita's work 'blows' people away for its detail and accuracy. Refer to Juanita's pages for more information.

Temora Aviation Museum Temora was home to the RAAF's No 10 Elementary Flying Training School which was established there in May 1931. During WWII more than 10,000 personnel passed through this facility. The Museum commenced with private backing, is a registered charity, and has established itself as the best non-government aviation museum in Australia.

Stewart and Wendy Wilson prepared displays for the museum. We are proud to have been chosen for these tasks. We invite you to take a trip to Temora and visit this worthy museum. Contact the museum by telephone on +61 2 6977 1088 or facsimile +61 2 6977 1288 or visit www.aviationmuseum.com.au.

The Aeroplane Art Company is owned and operated by John Stewart-Jones and Bronwyn Hicks. It's based at Bankstown Airport in Sydney's west. John is the artist-in-residence and Bronwyn is the 'wonder-worker'. Their business concentrates on quality Australian aviation art featuring paintings, prints and cutaway drawings. Visit the art gallery via the internet at www.aeroplaneart.com.au.

Tony Blackman Aviation Books, UK. Tony Blackman has spent his life in the aircraft industry as a test pilot, an avionics specialist and then on the board of UK Civil Aviation Authority as the Technical Member. He has used his knowledge to write aviation fiction books and authoritative books on testing the Vulcan, Nimrod and Victor. His books which will appeal to all who fly, not just to aviation enthusiasts. His fiction books have a common thread in the character Peter Talbert who is an aviation insurance expert. Tony regularly visits Australia and his latest fiction book is set in Australia and PNG. Visit www.blackmanbooks.co.uk to learn more.

Beagle Pup and Bulldog Club, UK. Stewart has joined this club because he loves Beagle Pups and did his first solo in one. He dreams of owning one. For more visit www.beaglepupandbulldogclub.org